POPULATION WASTE and agroindustrial economic and sustainable input to GENERATE HEAT AND ELECTRICAL ENERGY

Application in the FIRST WORLD

✏️ GASIFICATION the energy solution for waste.

     Gasification has been used throughout the world on a commercial scale for more than 75 years by the chemical, refining and fertilizer industries. And about 35 years ago for the electric power industry, whose unique process is to transform any material into synthesis gas similar to natural gas to generate energy, without using the methodology of burning solid waste. Gasification is not incineration.

The gasification industry has more than 272 gasification plants in operation worldwide, with 686 gasifiers. There are currently 74 plants under construction with a total of 238 gasifiers and will produce 83 MWh worldwide. China is the one with the largest number of gasification plants

 The success of these plants is based on the economic and environmental advantages of the transversal facilities:

? Generates clean energy.

? It decreases the emission of methane by decomposition of organic materials of Sanitary Resources.

? Contributes to the elimination of all types of solid waste by cleaning the city.

? The plant can be installed in the city, because it does not generate polluting gases.

? Reduces the high risk of water contamination by landfills and rivers.

? Eliminates environmental odor and dust when operating with closed negative pressure chambers

? Eliminates presence of corroñero birds that put at risk aviation operation

? Transforms all types of solid waste, hospital, agroindustrial and traditional

Source .GSTC Global Syngas

✏️ SWEDEN buys garbage to generate energy

     Some countries produce too much garbage and others do not have everything they need. Even in something that – apparently – nobody wants the world is badly distributed. Sweden uses waste to generate energy. But sometimes, it runs out of this raw material.

     This situation has been reached because in Sweden they recycle and, above all, reduce, … only 4% of the waste of Swedish citizens ends up in a verteder. The rest is incinerated to produce energy.

    So when you run out of this resource. Sweden buys waste to generate energy, has begun to import about 800,000 tons, most of it comes from neighboring Norway, which pays Sweden to take their waste. So Sweden not only generates waste energy, but earns money from it.

Source: Green Ecology


         1. In almost all the countries of the First World the SANITARY FILLERS have disappeared and / or Landfills.

         2. In the countries of South America we still hold competitions for Landfills and predominate  landfills that pollute rivers.

         3. Even though in my beloved country in the last Renewable Energy Auction of 2015 

            We present with the support of the then mayors of the cities of Trujillo, Cuzco, Piura, Ica and Arequipa Sur, which would eliminate the generation of greenhouse gases of ONE MILLION (1’000,000 tons per year) of solid waste who would provide the raw material for the 10 Gasification plants that would be installed.

We invite our friends who live in the aforementioned cities – reflect – what would be their quality of life if the Auction Committee accepted our proposal without the GARBAGE that they have been living with for four years now and they wait for many years to come?

Video : https://youtu.be/_mD8_KDZ2sg 

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