The main CEOs of the world are increasingly aware that the welfare of their organizations, society and the entire planet is intrinsically linked”

? Lesders onu Purpose (LoP) is an international and intersectoral collaboration dedicated to recognizing, analyzing and developing innovative leadership strategies related to sustainable development objectives (SDOs). LoP combines valuable experiences in the fields of business (Unilever), academia (London School of Economic) and Harvard (University) and international organizations (World Bank).

? Over the past 18 months – through interviews with important global leaders – they conducted a thorough and thorough study of the kind of leadership the world will need for the 21st century. Real Leaders magazine published last month explain what they found

? In the first place, the study collaborated on the enormous impacts that socio-economic changes cause in business activity, whose speed is growing at an exponential rate. In the 1950s the average time a company remains on the S&P 500 It was about 35 years old, by 2027 the experts predict that it will be 12 years. . In addition, it is expected that half of the companies that today appear in this list no longer appear within 10 years

? However the  interviewees showed a clear vision of the future and agreed that the risks and opportunities of this greater global complexity should be faced with a new collaborative and innovative mentality.

? It is increasingly evident that corporate sustainability is linked to the commitment of companies to help solve the most pressing and critical problems facing society such as: pollution, climate change, inequality of opportunities, malnutrition.

? A finding that arose from the research is that to achieve that the purpose of the company is transformed into a «living state» requires two fundamental elements: a long-term prospective and an adaptation strategy.

 ? The conclusion of the study A new paradigm of leadership is being produced by the widest and most collaborative way in which the main CEOs of the world begin to act. They are increasingly aware that the welfare of their organizations, society and the entire planet is intrinsically linked.

?…… have found the correlation consistent and encouraging, in the face of a new holistic concept of success: increase in income, greater re-residency, better employee performance, positive impact and greater confidence in their entire ecosystem, based on new approaches and strategies that constitute a new paradigm of leadership.

Reference. Executive summary of Art. «A new paradigm of leadership for a sustainable future» Author Jorge Medina – DAY 1 – Diario El Comercio / Monday 14 January 2019.X


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