WRITING THE FUTURE : Science, Technology and Innovation

From the Peruvian Competitiveness Council (CPC) we propose three concrete proposals that can be made in the short and medium term:

«Science, technology and innovation are indispensable for. the economic growth, development and wellbeing of a country «

From the CPC we propose three measures to solve part of the problem:

1. Update. The National STI Plan within the framework of the rector of CONCYTEC and the unique budgetary program for CTI.

2. Create a single information portal.

3. Incorporate incentives to encourage the link between the academy and th  company.

The third proposal seeks to generate greater incentives for the link academy – business purpose to generate knowledge of social and economic valueIn Peru, only 26% of research centers are linked to companies (Concytec, 2016) Concytec and Produce are implementing initiatives to become more connected, for example, it has recently launched the IVAI (Initiatives of Linkage Industry Academy). Produce, on the other hand, is designing technology roadmaps, hand in hand with the sector private and the academy, among other efforts.

To complete it, it is proposed to incorporate as a transversal condition in all the bases of the public funds in CTI that are applicable, grant a greater percentage of conditioning, when there is an academy – company association.

        Science, technology and innovation write our future.                                      we better write it well

Ref. Executive Summary Article «Writing the future» newspaper El Comercio (09.11, 2018), author Dr, Fernando Zavala President of the Private Council of Competitiveness

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