From the classic Project / Business Plan to the «AGILE» concept or Agility Methodology


The complex problems of organizations and their development are traditionally carried out on the basis of projects, for which most of the time specialists are hired and whose average of gestation is of the average order of one year, depending on the size of the same.

First jump to six months.

At the end of the last century I had the honor of joining ZERI Zero Institution zero emissions founded and directed by Dr. Gunter Pauli who lowered his Blue Economy philosophy, a gesture in his beginning «100 Innovative Business Opportunities» based all on Nature Technology and in the disruption of their proposals.

In his case 100 whose title and subject is «Beyond Management Consulting», after necessary reflections and several regional essays he refined a methodology with the label:

«Explore, Select and Implement«

This structured process leads to a detailed portfolio of Opportunities – all blue – implying that everything is the latest and sustainable technology.

«Every potential business is based on what has been achieved in other sites»

The science to support it is available and if there is doubt then, the field visits will demonstrate the technical aspects and finances, plus a pragmatic conceptualization on how to adopt models of proven businesses to local conditions.


Second Three Month Break.

Continuing with the objective established with my mental age (the physical age is inexorable, mine 80) to improve and enrich my communication with the Millennials, less than a month ago I attended the Peru Management Summit 2018 event organized by CENTRUM PUCP. The most important thing of this event, – for the undersigned – was the BCP LAB view of its young members, of whom we received four magnificent presentations, which answered many of my questions.

What predominates in your DNA ??? Without being the only ones: Multidiscipinarity, Knowing how to learn and unlearn, Work in   Equipment.

2. Principles that most apply: Empathy, Openness, Audacity, Resilience, Impact …..

3. They understand that they are participating in a Cultural Transformation, in which the most important thing is the Client and the Value chain

4. The deliverable is product or service must be made in an average of three months, must be amazing, reveal faith anD  trustworthy.

5. Answer the WHY, WHAT, HOW

6. Your battle cry: WOW

I have one question left, which I pass on to you. Our educational system is taught what is expressed by Millennials friends ?.

And I have to express my happiness, in the offices of the BCP LAB I met and embraced with one of my grandchildren, who is part of this young team.

Sisrematization «Aguile» in response to the Disruption.

The «Aguile» Concept or skill methodology, involves the formation of compact and multidisciplinary work teams, prepared to innovate and improve products, processes and even business models

The methodology «Aguile» began to develop in the departments of information systems, especially in the area of ​​software ….

The working groups «Aguile» do not respond to the line of command or to the bureaucracy in the company, rather they govern themselves … within the group there is a person in charge of leading the initiative in search of results.

The key to success in implementing this methodology is knowing how to integrate the activities of the «Aguile» groups with the traditional structure of the company or organization ….

Source: Executive Summary – Article «Agile» in response to the disruption / Ben Schineder – DAY 1 El Comercio 01.01.18


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