The Importance of the family as an institución


Before yesterday (13:09:18) two members of our beloved family in this case the grandfather and one of his grandchildren spent another very happy moment of his life, to be at the BCP LAB of Banco de Credito in a presentation of the PROGRAM BIG DATA of the mentioned institution.

Already leaving the BCP office of one of them I listen to the classic PAPAPA, my beloved grandson who is part of this impressive group of young people who make up the BCP Lab and came the classic question too? And how are you here Papapa?

I told him that as Associate Professor of the PUCP I signed up for the Peru Management SUMMIT 2018 event organized by CENTRUM PUCP, it included visits to institutions such as the BCP LAB and others.

As a happy grandfather – step to the memory – I had the opportunity after many years to enter the main stadium gestated by a renowned CEO and friend Piurano Dionisio Romero with whom I had the honor of crossing several times in my life.Professional:

– As a MICTI official in the de facto government

– As a Wheat Manager and represent the company in the Windmills Committee of the SNI and

– The most important, as an official of a company within the top 10 billing companies in the country, in which our Chairman of the Board was Vice President of BCP.

Thank you dear President and Vice President of the BCP and sorry that I dare to say friends for what I learned from my pass and relationship for their companies,

And to end with the memories thanks to the PUCP, which although I have not taught classes since the last century, I still consider myself as one of their collaborators. And on that occasion I had the honor of teaching to the young people of the last year of Industrial Engineering, one of whose students was my eldest son, who managed to enter the PUCP with fourteen years of age.

THANKS FAMLIA and FRIENDS for the happiness that they give me at a physical age 80 and the mental age I invite you to calculate it, I took the picture – that I attached- with  a 360 camera and IPhone X,: !!!!!!

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