From the FUSION of the «COMPUTER and COMMUNICATION» – C&C. to another fusion «LED and LIFI» – L&L

And the Supreme Being said «GET YOUR LIGHT»

DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Different events in the lives of scientists and researchers are those that generate mergers such as those expressed in the title of the article

✏️? LED. The first high-brightness LED was demonstrated in 1994 by Dr. Shuji Nakaamura professor of engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The blue LEDs led to the development of the first «White LED» that started a phosphor coating to convert the blue light emitted to red and green frequencies, creating a light that looks white. Nakamura with Isamu Akasaki and Hirosi Amano received the Nobel Prize for Physics 2014. For the invention of the blue LED. The LED light was the first that did not generate heat and therefore did not consume much energy.

✏️?LI FI. Perhaps the LI FI revolution would never have started if Suat Topsu had not listened to his wife, in 2009 Professor of Quantum Physics at the University of Versailles and his wife was pregnant with their third child, the TV feancesa broadcast a documentary about the «. .. that pregnant women were particularly susceptible to prolonged exposure to radio waves. » His scientific mind was activated: why was not there a better form of communication without any risk to health ?. Suat Topsu realized that he could take photonic communications to a new level and that «communication with visible light was the logical step to add to the works of Morse, Bell and Nakamura

✏️?Added the work of Professor Harald Hass president of the mobile communications department of the University of Edinburgh. In his research, Haas realized the work and immediately saw the powerful potential. In 2011, Haas gave the talk «Wireless data of each light bulb» that presents the future of optical wireless communications and presented the bright term «LI FI». Later LIFI was and included among the 50 best inventions in TIME magazine in 2011, six years after it was invented.
ADVANTAGES OF LED FUSION AND LI FI As the laws of physics tell us, nothing moves faster than light
 1️⃣ Speed. Ng scientists in China have shown that LI FI can provide 252 gigabits per second. That’s 2,500 times faster than today’s best. and 250 times greater than 5G.

2️⃣ Security. The connection only works directly in the beam of light. LI FI is not a radio station that anyone can tune into.

3️⃣ Each Luminary a Satellite. LI FI It works whenever there is light, which has two great advantages:
3️⃣.1️⃣ The installation of 5G will demand investments of billions by the year 2020. Each additional satellite will demand between 40 to 500 million. The LED-LI FI fusion provides an extraordinary opportunity as it will convert every currently installed light into a magnificent satellite. It will only be necessary to change your luminaire to LED. So the financing of this investment has a return since the LED It allows an energy saving between 50 to 80% of your current consumption.    3️⃣.2️⃣ Radio waves can pass through most of the walls but are blocked by solid concrete and steel. LI FI however works whenever there is light. Every light in a tunnel, in a mine, mining wells, subway stations.

4️⃣. Health. Hospitals and clinic face a dilemma. A more electronic and better connected equipment allows them to better serve their patients and save on personnel that is increasingly difficult to hire, and at the same time, wireless communication threatens their health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children, the elderly and the sick, should avoid exposing radio waves to more than 620 millivolts per square meter. In a hospital in France the exposure of radio waves reached 6,000 miñvolts, they were installed throughout the LI FI building and currently the hospital currently measures 250 milliVolts per square meter per room
DEMOCRACY OF CONNECTIVITY While most people in the world eight in such are accelerating along the Internet highway, half the world is still not connected. The gap is getting bigger.
    While it is a fact that 50% of the world does not have an Internet infrastructure, 90% of the world has a public lighting infrastructure.
    We anticipate that Local Rural Schools and Community Health Centers will be the first to connect the Surrounding Community with an «impassable one that provides and exchanges information.


Source: Book Summary: LI FI authors Dr. GUNTER PAULI and DR. JURRIAAN KAMP

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