PHILIPS LIGHTING changes name and is now called SGNIFY introduces the first software of lighting connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

?The industry has changed. Lamps and bulbs are no longer just for lighting,  but they can become data capture points to connect other devices,  companies and cities. All through the LIGHT. «

?For example, in the «retail» sector, the Signify luminaires (with sensors) allow locatin the  exact position of a customer on a shelf and send an information to the cloud (internet) identify which products you are observing and can send you segmented offers, directl  to your cell phone.

? While in the streets, the Signify laminaries allow to capture information about thetraffic And the level of pollution prevailing at all times of day, in the effort to buil  smart cities.

? «In fact, we have a specific solution for each segment: Interac Office for clients office, Interac City for municipalities, Interac Retail for supermarkets and Interac Industry for the industry in general «. Point out

? While the platform will be officially launched in two months, there are already companies that test its benefits. One of them is Tottus, from the Falabella group, in one  of whose stores Signify has implemented a pilot software.

Soxurce . Executive Summary of the article by Juan Saldarriaga del Dial 1of the newspaper El Comercio of today June 24, 2019

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