The WORLD BANK announced a financing of USD 50,000 millón in five years for projects of reisilencia and adaptation to climate change

? The World Bank Group today launched its Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change and Reisilencia. With this plan, it will increase the funding directly allocated to climate change adaptation projects to reach USD 50,000 million in the period of the year 2021. It will also experimentally implement new approaches aimed at raising private financing for adaptation initiatives and reisilencia.

? «This new plan will place for the first time the projects of reisilencia in front of the climatic change in the same level that our investments in a future with low carbon emissions» We do this because, in a few words the climate is changing, for what we must take mitigation and adaptation measures at the same time,

? Thanks to this increase in funding for adaptation initiatives, activities such as the following are supported:

        ✏️ Improving the quality of forecasts, early warning systems and Informacion services climatiza for 250 million people of around 30 countries are better prepared for climate risks.

        ✏️ Support to 100 watersheds through management plans that take into account climate through climate or through improved management

        ✏️ Development of social protection systems that can respond more adequately in the face of climate change.Res️ Supported the efforts being carried out in at least 20 countries in order to respond early to climate shocks and disasters and achieve  faster recovery through additional financial protection instruments.

? The Plan of Action is based on the link between adaptation and development, promoting effective early measures that generate positive development results … It is more cost-effective to adopt early and proactive measures of adaptation and development. development of the reisilencia that to approach that obrador the impacts once already produced.

Note to editors The Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change and Reí silencia will be implemented from June 30, 2021 to July 1, 2025.

DSdOURCE. Executive Summary «PRESS RELEASE # 2019 / CCG / 112. WORLD BANK Group

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