The transition to the low carbon CIRCULAR ECONOMY is an absolute imperative

In the face of which we must all work

It contributes enormously to preserve our ENVIRONMENT, reduce the pressure on ECOSYSTEMS and fight against CLIMATE CHANGE

? Achieving a transaction until the circular economy presents a triple benefit: for the  economy, for society and for the environment.

? Many measures aimed at increasing efficiency in the use of resources also may lead to an increase in COMPETITIVENESS. At the macroeconomic level, greate  efficiency in the use of resources whose higher productivity, can generate higher rates of economic growth and employment.

? In addition, the transition clearly contributes to the fight against CLIMATE CHANGE. By example, we have quantified the impact of the recently approved European legislation  no waste in terms of CO2 emissions. For example, we have quantified the impact of recently approved European legislation on waste in terms of CO2 missions.     We estimate that with the new measures we could reduce 20 million tons per year.

? The circular economy began as a purely economic concept, but today it is   much more than that. It’s about making production and consumption more sustainable,  protect the environment, create social innovation and generate jobs. The Commission  European Commission launched the transition to a circular economy with the adoptio  of the European Action for a Circular Economy.

? The transition to a low-carbon circular economy will require a joint effort to  international level, at the level of national governments, of the social partners, of the companies, and citizens.

«It is the best solution to ensure a more sustainable future for our planet»

REFERENCE Executive Summary of article «The impact of the Circular Economy» Dr. Daniel Calleja General Director Environment of the European Commission- DIA 1 Diario El Comercio 14.01.19

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